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Topic: Foil-Stamped Christmas Cards

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Foil-Stamped Christmas Cards

If you’ve received Christmas cards from friends and family over the years, you’ve no doubt noticed that some card styles are far more engaging and interesting than others. To dazzle your friends and family with something new, send them beautiful foil-stamped Christmas cards from Shutterfly. Foil-stamped cards have an extra layer of luxury built right in. These cards feature foil in a remarkable pressed indention on the card surface and make for the perfect way to express your holiday spirit, as the shimmering foil adds even more festive feeling to your correspondence. When your loved one places this custom Christmas card on his or her fireplace mantle or fridge, it will shine like nothing else in sight.

Add Elegance and Visual Interest

Add a special touch to your Happy Holidays greetings this season with foil-stamped Christmas cards. Start making your personalized, foil-stamped Christmas cards by browsing through our vast collection, updated as it is for the current season. Whether you choose a card template with traditional holiday designs like red, gold, green, or plaid, or something more modern and sleek, it’s easy to create custom foil Christmas cards with Shutterfly. Personalize your Christmas photo cards with your favorite pictures, custom colors, your family name, and a special message. Your finished holiday cards will be printed with the card’s holiday greeting (whether Merry Christmas, Peace, Joy, or one of our unique sentiments) and beautiful foil-stamped accents that will wow your recipients.

The Foil-Stamping Process

By pressing gold, rose gold, silver, or Christmas red foil—with the help of a heating element and a die or plate—onto a card surface, the foil adheres to the cards and, as a result of the combination of heat and pressure, the paper is thus indented. The result is an appealing antique or handmade-like effect that is felt as much as it is seen, and this is what makes foil-stamped Christmas cards unlike any other. Note that the approach is somewhat similar to embossing, which results in a raised surface. Both present a professional, elegant, sophisticated appeal sure to be appreciated by those in your circle.

Foil-Stamped Cards With New Year’s Greetings

Foil holiday cards aren’t just for Christmas. You can send your season’s greeting cards for the New Year as well. New Year’s cards are becoming increasingly popular. They make a good choice for those who have missed the Christmas card deadline, and they’re more culturally inclusive, as not everyone celebrates Christmas. Shutterfly has a selection of stunning foil-stamped cards to celebrate the New Year. These picture cards can feature you, your family, or anyone else you’d like to acknowledge, including your dog or cat. In the process of adding foil-stamping to your New Year’s cards, you transform a basic holiday photo card into a treasure that recipients will want to hold onto long after the holidays are over.