Client: ReadyMade

Topic: Ultralight Camping Stoves

Content Type: Article

CLIENT NEEDS: ReadyMade magazine needed high-quality content on DIY projects and sustainable design.

DELIVERED: A short, punchy, reader-friendly article on an ultralight camping stove made from soda cans.

Can-Do Cookout

Turn Your Soda Empties Into A Lightweight Stove

Hauling heavy metal up twisty trails, pumping fuel canisters, fine-tuning between uses. Just three reasons why camping stoves are a drag. Next time you trek, pack the half-ounce Go-Torch. Portland, Oregon-based commercial beverage salesman Greg Moore is the man behind the can. He’s channeled 30,000 miles of daydreaming road time into tinkering and winemaking. While researching cognac distillation, Moore stumbled across homemade alcohol stoves that use soda empties. With a few tweaks, he birthed this camp cooker. Moore now belongs to a cabal of hiker-hobbyists making light, low-tech gear such as the Kiwi Shoe Polish Can Stove and the Altoids Tin Stove. The version Moore sells includes a stand made of spent .22 Magnum shells and boils 16 ounces of water in 5 minutes. Ramen noodles everywhere, beware.